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Lego Heads

This triptych currently sits above my bed in my room. These were some of the first large paintings I attempted outside of a class assignment. They are meant to resemble the three types of relationships. 

Sign Here

Sign Here

This was a performative piece in which I started with a car sized canvas and had the classic "x" and line to show a signature line. I was dressed in a hat and expensive designer brands. I then signed "fuck off" on the line with a marker and would grab from the still wet black oil paint. This was meant to show how people who come from any background are asked to sign into the stereotype they were put into. I was sick of being considered something based off how much one spends, so this was a comment on how people are signed into specific categories. 


Until Your Heart Stops

A side hobby of mine is racing cars. I personally love hearing an engine or seeing the pit lane on the ground. Racing isn't all it seems in luxury cars, it is sweaty, hot and you typically leave a little dirty 

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