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I started photography at the age of 6 with an old polaroid camera. My dad told me if I sold an image I took from that camera, he would upgrade my equipment. I sold my first polaroid of a cactus in Mexico for $20. Each piece I sold had to double the cost of the last to continue upgrading my equipment. So, I began studying any photographer in Austin who would let me in their studio and started a photography club at my high school. I had my first show outside of school in a hair salon. I then became an assistant photographer to Evergreen Studios. After graduating highschool I got accepted to study under Matthieu Paley in Prague with National Geographic. From there I got accepted to SMU's BFA with my book being 90% photography. 

During college I did a lot of freelance photography and after graduating in 2020 I became the sole photographer and videographer for Buff City Soap shooting product photography and company headshots. 

I stumbled into this category solely because I got screwed over on a pair of yeezys and overpaid. I then committed a lot of my free time reading books and articles about Supreme and how this whole streetwear market came to be and why people were willing to spend so much on a shoe. I still draw a lot of inspiration from shoe design and the creative directors in the industry.


I didn't get into advertising until college when I realized I wanted more than just an art degree. As I looked for what I would do, I stumbled upon advertising. I always loved pop culture, art, and getting paid. When I applied the first time I didn't get into the creative program. So I waited a year and took any classes they would let me and learned premiere pro to create a better application video. Once I got in the second time around, I loved everything I learned about the industry. Creating things everyone sees and truly explaining the product and how it can benefit someone to have or use will never stop driving me.


When I was younger, my sister was better at drawing than I was and I was a fan of collecting Pokémon cards. My competitive 8 year old self decided to sit and draw my cards on a larger piece of printer paper. I learned a lot of basic drawing skills and eventually got pretty good. Once I got to high school I began drawing more realistically and found a passion in drawing animals. In college I began to love creating pop art and painting here and there. If it weren't for my sister, I probably would still be drawing stick figures.


My mom was a fashion designer when I was a kid, she designed kids clothes and women's swimsuits. She told me a story about how she was meant to intern for Marc Jacobs when he worked for Perry Ellis, since he had put grunge on the runway, he was immediately fired. This was when my mom arrived driving all the way from Utah to New York in a beat up car and her portfolio. He apologized to her but told her he liked her portfolio and got her with Donna Karen. It is funny to look at how he was fired for putting expensive Grunge on the runway when this is what is almost common place now. This story has always given me a lot of interest in fashion and the streetwear culture.



If you ever read Dr. Suess as a child (or an adult child), you will recognize the star bellied Sneetch I have above the "o" in my name (for those unfamiliar, here is a link). This story has stuck with me as I have grown up, especially as a lover of hype culture aI believe the Supreme box logos are just the real life version of a star on your belly. The best lesson from that book and a quote from Dr. Suess is "Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter". Whether you have a star on your belly or not, we are all the human and we can all teach each other something and learn from one another. 

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Business cards are meant to be people showing who they are to another person with the potential of getting either a job or a client. There are also many visual solutions to a business card. Advertising is meant to create ads for targeted individuals, so I decided to create 3 business cards which I hand out based off how the conversation went.


All of these cards mock Supreme's Futura logo which they stole from Barbara Kruger who had also stolen her images in her art. If a business card is meant to portray who you are, all of three of these are fair descriptions of myself. I am a very blunt person and love direct feedback. When applying for jobs, what you are really trying to say is "fucking hire me" so why not be as blunt on your business card? For those who I don't think wold appreciate the profanity, I have "try me" which still pushes the general message. The final business card is to satisfy those who might enjoy "dad humor" a little more.

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As Seen in CMYK Spring Showcase

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